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Trench Drain Systems supplies custom bar grating for a variety of applications with a diverse selection of grating styles and materials. Whether you are looking to build a new trench system or just looking for replacement bar grating, we can supply specialty bar grating to your specification. Shop online or call today for a quote at (610) 638-1221. A pool deck drain ismonly available in these varieties: Strip or trench drains are long metal grates with narrow slots that cover a trench-like structure. The water that flows in is directed away from your patio. Spot drains work best for free-form decks as you can place a few of these singular contraptions where water tends to accumulate.

Galvanized Steel / Steel Grates

We offer aluminum, steel and stainless steel grating products and will even help in the design of your grate. We provide trench drain and deck grating for both light duty and heavy duty applications. Steel bar styles include welded, dove tail and swaged with a variety of thicknesses and bar spacing. Framing options are also available. A trench drain is a linear drainage application used to catch, collect and convey water from a starting location to and an outlet or catch basin. These linear drains are made up of primarily channels, end caps, end outlets, grates, catch basins and some other installation accessories. High quality Outdoor Heavy Duty Car Wash Road Sidewalk Storm Ditch Trench Drainage Grating Covers from China, Chinas leading Heavy Duty Steel Grating product, with strict quality control Heavy Duty Steel Grating factories, producing high quality Heavy Duty Steel Grating products. Stainless steel grating can be used for floor drains, road drains, parking lot drains, and drainage in walkways andmon spaces. This is a highly durable grate style that is typically secured with screws or bolts to make sure that the grating stays in place. This is part of why the stainless steel designs that we offer are so durable. Secure gratings are much less likely to get damaged or to It is a popular pattern and meets ADA and heel-proof requirements. This decorative grating option is available as natural bronze, brushed bronze and aluminum in 12″ lengths or in stainless steel in 36″ lengths. Specification sheet for 3″ x 12″ Cathedral Grates. Shop Drainage Kits. 3 x 12 grates available in aluminum, bronze and NDS offers three plastic grate designs in three color options. Trench Drain Systems is the first manufacturer to offer a metal grate option for the Slim Channel system. Specification Sheet for Slotted Grates. Trench Drain Systems is a long-standing partner with NDS and their drainage product offerings. New and exciting grating options continue View our selection of in-stock metal drain grates: channel drains, trench drains, slot drains, and more. Made in America, our products once installed never fail. Custom metal products in aluminum and brass since 1965. Request a Quote. (972) 247-3579

Replacement Grate Covers

Replacement grating is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Have a trench drain that you need covers for? Shop online or call 610-638-1221 High quality grizzly decks, scalping screens and grates for the toughest industries. Titus Grizzly Decks, Scalping Screens Grates. Contact Us to Get a Quote. Check out the different grating options Trench Drain systems offers such as steel-bar, fiberglass, decorative, stainless steel, plastic, and more. TRENCH DRAIN SYSTEMS 610-638-1221 Check Price at Amazon. 8. 0. Check Price. 8. VEVOR Trench Drain System, Channel Drain with Metal Grate, 5.9x5.1-Inch HDPE Drainage Trench, Black Plastic Garage Floor Drain, 3x39 Trench Drain Grate, with 3 End Caps, for Garden, Driveway-3 Pack. Check Price at Amazon. 7 .7. Check Price. 9. Trench drain systems also redirect rain water and keep it away from any surrounding structures such as a pool house. Factors to think about when selecting a pool drain is not only concerns with safety, but also grating options. Drain covers are available in a variety of materials and decorative designs. Patios, sidewalks, lawns. When appearance is as important as drainage, check out our decorative grate options. Request a free quote from our experts or call 610-638-1221 today! Frontier Deck Drain; By Width. 0 1.99in. 2.00in. 3.99in. NDS Filcoten Trench Drain Channel Grates; NDS Mini Channel Grates Josam Lite Line Trench Drain Stainless Steel Slotted Grate . $191.28

Standard Lock Trench Drain Grates

5 3/8 Wide Zurn Z886 Grates. Standard Lock Grates for Zurn Z886 Trench Drain. Also appropriate for any application requiring a 5 3/8 wide trench drain replacement grate. 40 and 20 Lengths. Trench cover also know as drainage pit cover. Cover grating is mainly designed for pedestrian walking while water draining. There are many kinds of steel grating cover for some times the cover mesh need to be anti theft, some time the cover mesh need to be opened for overhaul, some times it need A fabricated metal trench drain grate can reach any load class . We do this by first working with our engineering team to accurately model and test the trench drain grate. The trench drain grate is load tested using finite element analysis to ensure it will meet the required load rating. Plate thickness, hole spacing, bar size, and bar quantity Trench drain grates are categorized by size. For a trench drain grate we use the width of the trench grate as the size. Generally, the trench drain grate is 2″ larger than the channel drain throat. The length of most channel drain grates on our site is 24″ long. Our trench grates are offered in the following sizes: 3″ trench drain grates

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