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It has a width of 40 cm and a tread depth of 8,3 cm. Available in 3 standard sizes: 8, 10 12 treads. The mezzanine ladder is made of wood from FSC® certified forestry. Add the Ladder slide brackets to store your ladder away against the wall when not in use. Available in black, white and steel style the ladder to your interior. The great thing about spiral staircases is that they take up minimal space both at the mezzanine level and on the ground floor, giving you more available floor space for other things like furniture and home accessories. Another benefit of using a spiral staircase to access your mezzanine floor is that it will fit in with the contemporary design.

Mezzanine Staircases

A Part M ‘ambulant disabled staircase’ will have the following characteristics. The rise of each step is between 150 – 170mm, and the going at least 250mm. A maximum of 12 risers before a landing are required (up to 16 in small premises where space is restricted). Materials for treads should not present a slip hazard, especially when wet. Palco Mezzanine Extras: Products Price (£) Palco Mezzanine Loft Ladder Floor Height: 2250mm to 3000mm Unit Size: 1000mm x 700mm: £960.00: Palco Mezzanine Loft Ladder Floor Height: 3001mm to 3250mm Unit Size: 1000mm x 700mm: £1015.00 : Telescopic Handrail for left-hand side: £40.00: MDF Trapdoor (16mm thick) painted white RAL 9010 Description. Price. Industrial Straight Flight Escape Staircase (non disabled design) for use on storage floors or secondary stairs. £1,980. General Access Staircase (Part K 2013) to 3.0m High (Industrial Application) including mid landing. £3,275. Single Top Landing (required for staircases that run at 90 degrees to floor edge) £760. ResinDek Flooring. For mezzanines with these mostmon specifications, the number that we provide our clients with when discussing budget pricing is $40-$50 per square foot. This number includes mezzanine materials, freight to your facility, and installation. Installation can vary as labor rates across the country are different. Buy High Performance Anti-Slip Paints, Coatings GRP to Protect Against Slips Falls. Have Safety in Mind by Using Anti-Slip Products on Vulnerable Floors, Steps Stairways The mezzanine ladder is painted in white also available in black and untreated. Hooks are included to secure safe andfortable use of the ladder. Offered in two sizes: 10 treads DOLLE mezzanine ladder (floor-to-floor height: 237 cm) 12 treads DOLLE mezzanine ladder (floor-to-floor height: 285 cm) Tested for a maximum load of 150 kg. Estimate; £10,500.00. 20 Metre x 20 Metre in plan view. Estimate; £22,700.00. 1100mm high with hand and knee railsplete with a 100mm high kick-plate. Estimate: £35.00 per linear metre. All stated costs are exclusive of Value Added Tax that will be applied at the rate ruling at date of supply.

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Interior or exterior glass staircases. Clear glass, tinted glass and fully or partially sandblasted glass to provide a non-slip surface. Straight or spiral glass staircases. Light your glass staircase for maximum style. Any size or shape of staircase can be replaced in glass, offering a versatile alternative to traditional designs. Check out our selection order now. Free UK delivery on eligible orders! Browse Discover Thousands of products. Read Customer Reviews and Find Best Sellers 50x50x2.5 Square Hollow Section posts. 50x25x2.5 Rectangular Hollow Section hand knee rail which is generally more than acceptable for mezzanine storage platforms and mezzanine office area’s. The steel treads are from 800mm to 1200mm wide with open or closed risers. The width and type of riser does depend on what the mezzanine floor will be Choose from our selection of mezzanine stairs, including build-your-own fixed work platforms, top-mount stairs, and more. In stock and ready to ship. Ref: TS7W32N-RH. Trade range winder staircase this 13 riser flight winds to the right, Tread 1 is at the bottom of the flight. Width 860mm Overall strings (890mm Overall newel) Specification. Strings 32mm EdgeLam Engineered Pine. Treads 22mm MDF. Risers 12mm MDF. Typical String Depth 250mm. Stub Newel Post 90 x 90mm Pine. The mezzanine ladder is painted in white also available in black and untreated. Hooks are included to secure safe andfortable use of the ladder. Offered in two sizes: 8 treads DOLLE meazzanine ladder (floor-to-floor height: 190 cm) 10 treads DOLLE mezzanine ladder (floor-to-floor height: 237 cm) 12 treads DOLLE mezzanine ladder Part M ambulant impaired stairways must have a total area of 1200mm with closed treads. It is mandatory to have contrasting tread protection edge nosing and regular handrails across, and on both sides where appropriate. A landing is necessary if the staircase has more than 12 risers. To get the best Mezzanine stairs installed, call AW Structures.

Non Adhesive Stair Treads

Double-sided tapes can be used any time two surfaces need joined. Extreme High Bond and other self-stick double-sided adhesive tapes. 3201mm to 3500mm. £1535.00. Above Prices exclude VAT. For both the Standard Deluxe Models an overall stairway width up to 550mm. is available. (price on application) Gallery Stairway Accessories. Products. Our Detachable Mezzanine Ladder is perfect for accessing those areas where space is at a premium. Manufactured from a strongbination of beech and pine timber, this single section ladder is supplied with 12 treads and 2 hooks, enabling you to remove the ladder and store elsewhere when not in use Staircases. Our staircases feature as standard: Steel Chequerplate Treads. Fully Welded Square Tube Handrail. A Robust Side Support to Minimize Bounce. Once the steel frame is built, we cover it with a 38mm thick flooring grade, high strength particle board. The board will take high point loads including moving pallets around on hand pallet trucks.

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