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Grating Code: GRPMG-4. Grating Type: Standard Square Open Mesh, 38 x 38mm hole centres. Depth: 13mm. Load bar thickness: 7mm. Open area: 68%. Weight: Concave Top – 7kg per square metre, Grit Top 8kgs per square metre. Panel sizes available: 3660mm x 1220mm, 2440mm x 1220mm, 3050mm x 915mm. Elefant Grating Panel Galv. 600 x 1500mm 30 x 30mm Mesh/25 x 2mm Bearer Bars. EACH. £177.60. 429710G. Elefant Grating Panel Galv. 700 x 1000mm 30 x 30mm Mesh/25 x 2mm Bearer Bars. EACH. £144.40. 429715G. Elefant Grating Panel Galv. 700 x 1500mm 30 x 30mm Mesh/25 x 2mm Bearer Bars.

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Stainless Steel Grating. Durable Stainless Steel Bar Grating , Acid Pickling Steel Catwalk Grating. 19W4 Twisted Bar Stainless Steel Grating Support Custom ISO9001 Approval. Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Steel Grating , Round Bar 25 X 5 SS Floor Grating. Walkway Stainless Steel Open Mesh Flooring Twisted Bar Anti Corrosive. Steel Grating Clips d 2 Dura Grating is a new patent pending GRP grating series that takes structural flooring to the next level. Designed, developed and manufactured by Dura Composites, d 2 Dura Grating offers outstanding safety, performance and durability and is more cost-effective than traditional GRP grating in almost every scenario. Download. 35 40 mm. Grating width range. 18 30 mm. Pack size. 100 pc. Log in to see yourpany prices. Discounted net. From £928.00. Quantity. Non-structural plates applications include covers and cladding. Solid Top Flooring – aposite of the open mesh grating and a thin skin of grit plate, integrally moulded on the top surface. The result is a solid floor covering, with a strength superior to both the grating and the laminated plate. Solid top flooring is especially suitable Here are several definitions, specifications and requirements of metal open bar grating used in the industrial flooring and stair treads. Definition . End plate. Plate fixed to stair tread for attachment to a string. Curb angle. Support fixed to concrete or steelwork (vertical leg up) around perimeter of flooring to provide a toe plate. Bars 1. Standard grating panel, non-galvanized , open end ; 25x5 pitch 30mm (Plain) and cross bar (twisted bar 6 mm) pitch 100 mm. 2. Standard grating panel, non-galvanized , open end ; 25x5 pitch 30mm (serrated) and cross bar (twisted bar 6 mm) pitch 100 mm. 3. Standard grating panel, non-galvanized , open end ; 32x5 pitch 30mm (Plain) and cross ABL Grated tread plate decking features a specialbination of punching and embossing which ensures safe walking in all directions, excellent water drainage and easy cleaning. The small inside dimensions of the punched holes of 10.5×10.5mm prevent larger sized parts, (eg. bolts and keys etc.), from falling through the grating planks

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Industrial Steel Flooring | Steel Floor Plates | Open mesh flooring |. Latest News. Steelway Protect are pleased to introduce some very familiar faces to its Security products Protect team Investment in Welding Extraction Steelway invest in off-site assembly / modular build premises. Overview. For nearly a century, metal bar grating has been the predominant choice for open metal flooring. Features that make bar grating the preferred product include: Available in steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. High strength-to-weight ratio. High percentage of open area. Easily fabricated to any configuration. Essentially maintenance-free. On 1-3/8” (35mm) deep floor bars, rotate the cap screw bolt until the base of the grating lug is 9/16” (15mm) from the end of the bolt. Step 4. Place Plate-Grate-Fast into the counter-sunk hole and between bearing bars of open mesh flooring. Step 5. Engage 5/16” (8mm) A/F hex wrench in 5/16” (8mm) A/F socket in center of Plate-Grate End Plate For open steel flooring stair treads. Only £2.95. Metal floor grating 15x30mm mesh galvanised £ please call. Metal floor grating 30x30mm mesh galvanised 3. ) Carbon steel open bar metal gratings are described by characteristics such as finish, size and open hole size (maximum). An example use may be within a heavy steel floor, roof or balcony decking system. Hide Filters. 50mm Open Mesh GRP Grating For Walkways, Flooring And Ramps. Title: Thickness : 50mm x Panel size mm : 2036 L x 971 W. Thickness : 50mm x Panel size mm : 2036 L x 971 W. Thickness : 50mm x Panel size mm : 3050 L x 971 W. Thickness : 50mm x Panel size mm : 3660 L x 1220 W. Price: £451.63. Quantity: Add to cart. GRP Grating Panels 38mm Thick. 38mm Thick Standard GRP Grating Single Panel. GRP grating is used in a variety of different applications including industrial, walkways and used as general floor grating. £182.00. Available.

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GRP grating can be up to 80% lighter than steel meaning easier transportation around site without the need for heavy lifting equipment. Installation is also considerably faster as the flooring can be manually handled into position and can be easily cut using standard hand power tools. A quartz grit is applied to the top surface to provide one Industrial grade galvanized mesh steel floor grating. Order online or give us a call today. Residential,mercial, and industrial solutions for projects of all sizes. The bracket is used with 30 30 open steel grating. Figure 3: Type 3 Floor Fixing d) Type 4 Fixing The Type 4 fixingprises of a cast stainless steel fixing disc with a countersunk hole, a stainless steel countersunk screw and a cast stainless steel grating foot. The fixing disk sits flush in a countersunk hole in the solid plate flooring Lightweight only 1/3 the weight of steel, GRP Grating is a convenient, fast, and safe installation material, reducing the risk of manual handling injuries, and can be easily cut on-site without the need for hot works permits. Non-Conductive GRP acts as an insulator making it ideal for application in and around HV plant and equipment.

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