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We supply a vast range of Stainless Steel ventilation grilles, trickle vents, hit and miss vents, and vents to you bespoke design. Showing 1–24 of 74 results. Sort By: Adjustable Interior Trickle Vent . Size: 225 x 34mm, Grade: 304, Finish: Mirror, Mate Welded mesh is widely used in domestic and industrial applications. In workshops or factories, security mesh can be used for window grilles or as machinery guards. In warehouses, it can be used for racking, storing and as anti-collapse mesh. Use it in your garden for your plants and creepers or for animal care as aviary, rabbit and kennel mesh

Heavy Duty Floor Grilles

The heavy duty panel floor grilles are suitable for both the delivery of supply air and the extraction of return air. They can be fitted with an optional opposed blade damper for volume control. The damper can also be adjusted through the face of the panel. Heavy Duty Floor Grilles. Heavy Duty Floor Grilles Brochure .PDF. View Our Medium Duty Side Refine Panel. Shop by category . Plastic Grid in Garden Sheds Grass Guard Grid Drive Parking Plastic Paving DRIVEWAY Heavy Duty 500 x 500 mm . £4.99 to £601.99. Gravel Grids with Membrane EuroGravel Plastic ECO Driveway Paving Grids BLACK. £ Walkway Mesh. We offer 2 types of heavy duty expanded walkway mesh. Both suitable for access walkways, bridges, gantry platforms, trailer ramps and wheelchair ramps. The 246R has a small apeture so is suitable where there is a risk of items dropping through such as gantrys. 486R has a larger apeture which gives better visibilty through the mesh. Aiano heavy duty heater guards and wire mesh radiator grilles are made at our wireworks in East London. The mesh and steel used in our products is produced in Britain and Europe. Materials – Aiano Heavy Duty radiator guards are made from 22mm x 3mm angle bars, 25mm x 3mm flat bars and 25mm x 25mm x 12swg weld mesh. Holes are drilled in the We are also able to custom fabricate products to suit your specific architectural requirements. With a choice of sizes, materials, finishes and features we can provide the correct product for any application. For more friendly and professional advice on air grilles, please get in touch via our contact us page or give us a call on 01842 765657. Heavy Duty Deco. Standard Radiators. Single (K1) Panel Radiators. Double (K2) Panel Radiators. Double Panel Plus (P+) Radiators. Triple (K3) Panel Radiators. Flat Front Panel Radiators. Lined Front Panel Radiators. Flat Top Grille Radiators. heavy duty planar 450mm x 1000mm radiators. Buy online, free delivery available on orders and 10 year warranty. For 10% off Classic Compact Radiators add code Summer10 at checkout TCs apply . Customer Services: 876 6813 876 6813 salesstelra

Dedshete Panel: Heavy-Duty

Self-adhesive heavy duty 3.5mm bitumen damping panel. Highly flexible bituminous-elastomerpound. Ideal for damping internal cabinet panel resonances, as well as sound deadening of enginepartments andputer cases. Size 300 x 200mm x 3.5mm thick. Price per single itemexcluding VAT. Applications. Filters Reinforcing Security Guarding Exhibition Stands Machinery Guards Fan Guards Racking Security Cages Grilles Compounds Tree Guards Panel Floor Grilles Model CDA Description Model CDA heavy-duty tile replacement panel floor grille is designed to withstand heavy and extra heavy loadings. Constructed entirely from aluminium extrusions providing both lightness and strength whilst giving a high free area (43%) and enhancing air distribution performance, ideal for use inputer Forming part of our bespoke residential grilles range; Panel Floor Grilles Available in medium and heavy duty where a load rated grille is required; Return Air Grilles Complimenting supply grilles for both side wall and ceiling applications; Security Grilles G series security grille range of return air grilles; Stainless Steel Brass Grilles Stock tools supplies for your projects. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Weld Mesh Panels Sheets. Weld Mesh has been established since 1979 and is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of w elded mesh. We have developed a vast range of welded mesh products including: r olls and sheets, f encing systems, a nimal cages and runs, r abbit protection, s unshade netting and g as bottle caging. Panel sizes available: 4000 x 1220mm, 3660 x 1220mm, 2440 x 1220mm, 3050 x 915mm. Grating Code: GRPMG-4. Grating Type: Standard Square Open Mesh, 38 x 38mm hole centres. Depth: 13mm. Load bar thickness: 7mm. Open area: 68%. Weight: Concave Top – 7kg per square metre, Grit Top 8kgs per square metre.

BBQ Grill Mesh

Our grills are made from type 304 stainless steel wire and are supplied with a wired edge on all four sides. The mesh is a slotted 3.0 x 0.50 measured from the centre of one wire to the centre of the next (approx 73.90 mm x 10.20 mm between wires). If you require your grill to be cut down to your specific bespoke size please contact our sales office by phone or email after purchase. Type PLX (pressure locked): cross pressed gratings manufactured from flat bars of an unequal depth, both of which are notched to produce a secure joint to withstand stress. They are available in the following mesh sizes (c/c): 22×66, 33×33, 33×66, 25×66 and 66×33 mm. The bearing bar can vary from 30×4 to 150×6 mm and the transverse bar The grille is also suitable as a general replacement for 600sq floor tiles where areas of heavy foot traffic and equipment would be experienced. High precision tolerances mean that the units can be interchanged with any manufacturer’s tiles and, due to it’s unique construction the grilles can be supplied with varying thickness to adapt to different manufacturers’ flooring systems. Replacement Heavy Duty 6mm Stainless Steel BBQ Cooking Grill Various Sizes. £40.99 to £59.99. Free postage. 120 sold.

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