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Product Overview. Welded heavy duty gratings are designed to service applications subject to heavy rolling and static loads such as highways, plant floors, loading docks, inlet covers, and airports. Products are available in a wide range of bar sizes and spacings to amodate conditions ranging from smaller forklift to large truck or aircraft Buy from Rawlins Anti-Slip GRP Grating Range, in a Range of Sizes Colour Options. Has Been Successfully Installed in Both Inland Coastal Environments. Algae Resistant

GRP Grating Platforms, Flooring, Ramps, Covers

25mm and 38mm Open Mesh GRP Grating. 25mm and 38mm thickness. For platforms, walkways, flooring, access ramps and covers. Various sizes, 3 colours. Type O Orthophthalic Polyester Resin finish. Tested to BS 7976-2 anti-slip. From £129.10 includes VAT. Details. We have 40 years experience in custom adhesives. Fully automated packing and finishing. Extreme High Bond and other self-stick double-sided adhesive tapes. Solid Top Grating. FibreCover Solid Top GRP Grating is a lightweight, chemical resistant, heavy duty GRP Grating, suitable for areas where a fully covered surface is required. It is ideal for walkways, gullies, trenches, cooling towers, overhead gantries and railway crossing points. Its heavy duty anti slip surface makes it suitable for all 6. Anti-slip Grating stairs, walkway, gantry bridge installation. 1. 50mm thick GRP Grating. A credible alternative to steel mesh grating. 2. GRP Grating platform factory machinery installation. 3. Chemical and corrosion resistant GRP Grating. 4. GRP Grating garage workshop inspection pit cover. 5. Grating provides ground stabilisation mesh for YELLOW Heavy Duty Anti Slip GRP Grating. Stop Slips Anti-Slip Fibreglass Open Mesh Grating, often referred to as GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Grating or FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) Grating, is a very effective alternative to conventional floor grating manufactured from galvanised or stainless Steel. A durable and long lasting Quartz Grit Extremely durable and slip resistant our heavy duty grating panels are constructed using high grade chemical resistant isophthalic polyester resin and our ExtremeCore® grit embedded into the top of the grating to provide a long lasting anti slip surface. Impact resistant our GRP grating has a high energy absorption and can be repeatedly Elefant Grating Panel Galv. 600 x 1500mm 30 x 30mm Mesh/25 x 2mm Bearer Bars. EACH. £177.60. 429710G. Elefant Grating Panel Galv. 700 x 1000mm 30 x 30mm Mesh/25 x 2mm Bearer Bars. EACH. £144.40. 429715G. Elefant Grating Panel Galv. 700 x 1500mm 30 x 30mm Mesh/25 x 2mm Bearer Bars.

Anti-Slip Heavy Duty GRP Products

Heavy Duty GRP Anti Slip Stair Tread Covers; Self Adhesive Treads 150mm X 610mm; Screw Down Treads; LC55 Heavy Duty Landing Cover GRP; Stair Tread Risers; Fixings. Anti-Slip GRP Nosing. Fixings. Anti-Slip Heavy Duty Flat Sheets GRP . Fixings. Anti Slip Grating; Ladder Rung Grips; Anti Slip Decking Strips Heavy Duty. Fixings. GRP Anti-Slip Description: Anti slip grating is one type of steel bar grating,and can be produced in many designs.It is also know as Serrated steel grating.Due to the slip resistant and durable for all the walking surface in the industry ,which be the most important anti-slip grating in the industry.The slip resistant and durable give the anti slip grating a much higher performance in the walking Multiple sizes and gratings. Highest rated online, perfect for any project. Our Trench Drains Systems Are State Of The Art. Online Discounts Available. SlipNOT offers several types of grating, from light duty to heavy duty. Available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized. CALL US 800-754-7668. CALL US 800-754-7668. Live Chat. SlipNOT. PRODUCTS. Visit our library of versatile slip resistant m Our unique, market-leading grating design offers multiple benefits in any application: Anti Slip Surface – only 5% reduction after 1 million footfalls (BS 7976) Lightweight – 1/3 the weight of steel for convenient, fast installation; Fire Resistant – Class B fire rating (BS EN 13501) Corrosion Resistant – ideal for hazardous environments Heavy Duty Safety Grating tested more slip-resistant than other gratings (depending upon the condition). Proud Supplier For All Your Grating Needs. Marco is proud to provide the mostprehensive line of safety grating products including diamond, Perf Safety Grating, and tread grip with slip-resistant surfaces. We have aplete understanding Solid top GRP grating is approximately 1.5x stronger than open mesh GRP grating. Suitable For Heavy Duty Use Due To High Impact Resistance. Slip Resistant Solid Top Surface. Corrosion Resistant. Non-Conductive. Maintenance Free. Meets British Standards BS 4592 BS EN ISO 14122. Available in a range of sizes, thicknesses and colours.

Heavy Duty Diamond Plank Grating

Heavy Duty Grating 6 Diamond Plank — 27-3/4” Width. Heavy Duty Grating 8 Diamond Plank — 36” Width . Supplying All Your Grating Needs. Marco is proud to provide the mostprehensive line of safety grating products including Diamond, Perf Safety Grating, and Tread Grip with slip-resistant surfaces. We have aplete understanding of Eatons heavy duty Grip Strut safety grating features a unique one-piece diamond shape that provides one of the best slip resistant surfaces in all directions. It is ideal for all walking and working surfaces where mud, ice, snow, grease, oil or detergents can create slippery or hazardous conditions. Eatons H-Series Heavy Duty Grip Strut Heavy Duty Bar Grating. Heavy Duty Bar Grating. Need help? Call (800) 321-4314. table of spacings. Anti-slip coated grating from SlipNOT provides maximum traction for heavy light duty application. Stainless steel, aluminum steel options. Request a grating sample today! CALL US 800-754-7668. CALL US 800-754-7668. Live Chat Contact us. SlipNOT. PRODU

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